The Wonderful World of the 10th Spring Festival Evening in Vienna

Singing, dancing, cabaret, martial arts,  local operas, model show, solo instrument and orchestra… For the past ten years, a big event for the Chinese community as well as the oversees Chinese students in Austria is, doubtlessly, the Spring Festival Evening in Vienna. Initiated by Ms Feiru XIE and her Chinese Women’s Association in Austria,  the performance evening has been supported by the City Government of Vienna and the Chinese Embassy in Austria, growing into probably the biggest of its kind among the Chinese communities in Europe. The brilliant evening with its endless talents on the  stage is corresponding to the…

Is China Ready for the New Legal Era?

As an immigrant living abroad, it’s only natural to follow the social changes back home. Almost instinctively, one observes such issues as the rapid economic development, fresh cultural phenomena, numerous legal debates and the topic of human rights, to just name a few. Not long ago, a white paper issued by the Chinese State Council Information Office caught my attention. The paper, titled “New Progress of Human Rights in China”, presented in six parts the progress of human rights in China: improving the legal framework to ensure human rights; promoting law-based administration; enhancing judicial protection of human rights; consolidating social…

Inner Mongolia in China

Recently, the editor-in-chief of SINOPRESS was invited to Inner Mongolia in China. Here are some fascinating photos taken there revealing the breathtaking beauty of Hulun Buir Prairie with its Ger, Ergune River and Wetlands.