On “Monitoring Mechanism for Human Rights, an Online Dialogue” — Transcript

On 18. October, the Secretary General of Urban Forum, Mag. Bernhard Müller, held an online dialogue with the Austrian lawyer MMag. Florian Horn on the topic of “Monitoring Mechanism for Human Rights, an Online Dialogue”. Following is the transcript of the insightful conversation, partially joined by SINOPRESS, too. Enjoy! Müller: Dear friends, welcome to our online dialogue! It’s a pleasure for me to speak with a special guest today on the topic of “Monitoring Mechanism for Human Rights”! With Mr. Volker Türk being appointed recently as the next United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, following approval by the General Assembly,…

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Interview with Prof. Wolfgang Kubin, A Dialogue

On 18. January 2022, SINOPRESS held an interview with Prof. Wolfgang Kubin, one of today’s most influential Chinese experts. A scholar with more than 200 publications, Prof. Kubin defined himself first of all as a poet. In the interview, he talked about his time in Beijing, his memory of Vienna, Berlin, Bonn, and his longing for returning to Shantou University where he finds his happiness right now. The talk touched German philosophy, Western music and Chinese poetry, embracing the shared opinion in understanding the human nature and finding abode in transcending oneself. An inspiring journey into life and its enlightenment….