“Human Rights in Afghanistan” Organization Held its First Online Event

  On 20. October, the newly established organization “Human Rights in Afghanistan” with the objectives of knowing and investigating the human rights situation in Afghanistan, studying the causes and seeking solutions, informing and connecting with the Afghan population to learn about their situation, held their first online event. The event was attended by more than 70 participants around the world. The two-hour long discussion with five speakers followed by some questions of the listeners concentrated on such topic as the general situation of human rights today, political decisions and how they affect civilian populations, the military presence in Afghanistan in…

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BACOPA’s Video Presentation of Prof. Wolfgang Kubin

A series of recent short videos presented by the Austrian Book Publisher BACOPA offer the viewers great moments of the well-known German scholar as well as Chinese expert, Professor Wolfgang Kubin reading literary passages of his friends as well as his own works. Professor Kubin has always adopted a philosophical perspective to study Chinese literature and intellectual mentality, which draws curiosity and oddity in his own homeland. The interview with the publisher, Mr. Walter Fehlinger, opens the heart of the Professor as half an Austria, too. Enjoy!