Forum on “Terror Attack, Security & Human Rights”

After the terror attack on November 2, 2020 in Vienna, on top of the pandemic lockdown, the topic of security vs freedom cannot escape the public attention any more in Austria. In this context, SINOPRESS, together with Urban Forum, is initiating a forum intending to recall the very terror attack and to bring up the security issues of urban public spaces. The forum is also aiming to discuss such issues as the coordination of international legal instruments to prevent terrorist acts, the political challenges of cyber security, the social integration vs the religious freedom, the COVID-19 lockdown vs personal freedom,…

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BACOPA’s Video Presentation of Prof. Wolfgang Kubin

A series of recent short videos presented by the Austrian Book Publisher BACOPA offer the viewers great moments of the well-known German scholar as well as Chinese expert, Professor Wolfgang Kubin reading literary passages of his friends as well as his own works. Professor Kubin has always adopted a philosophical perspective to study Chinese literature and intellectual mentality, which draws curiosity and oddity in his own homeland. The interview with the publisher, Mr. Walter Fehlinger, opens the heart of the Professor as half an Austria, too. Enjoy!