PASCO’s 2023 Annual Meeting Successfully Held in Vienna

Vienna, November 26 2023 – The Professional Association of Chinese Scientists and Technologists in Austria (PASCO) successfully organized its 2023 annual meeting at the Chinese Culture and Art Center in Vienna (Chinesisches Kultur – Und Kunstzentrum Wien). The event was hosted by Ms. Ying Han and Mr. Meng Guo.

Ms. Xiao Ke, a diplomat from the Chinese Embassy in Austria, delivered a speech on behalf of the embassy’s Department of Science, Education, and Culture, expressing appreciation for PASCO’s ongoing efforts in promoting scientific and technological exchange between China and Austria. She acknowledged the contributions made by PASCO, and assured continued support from the embassy, emphasizing the commitment to fostering international scientific and technological innovation cooperation as outlined in the “International Science and Technology Cooperation Initiative”.

(Address by Diplomat Xiao Ke from the Chinese Embassy in Austria)

Following this, Dr. Jixiong Jiang, Director of the Joint R&D Center for Rail Transit of China National Machinery Corporation in Austria, expressed gratitude for PASCO’s role as a platform for friendly S&T exchanges. He encouraged active communication and collaboration among participants, pledging support for PASCO’s future development.

(Speech by Dr. Jixiong Jiang, Director of the CRRC Austria Joint Research and Development Center)

During the conference, President Qi Guan reviewed and summarized PASCO’s activities from 2020 to 2023. Under the collaborative efforts of the board members, the association has established an open, fellowship-oriented, communicative, and service-oriented platform. Noteworthy achievements include numerous high-quality lectures held online and offline through the Danube Knowledge Forum, active interactions with overseas Chinese groups, research institutions from China and other countries, and the establishment of the “Global Alliance of Overseas Chinese Automotive Engineers” in collaboration with other associations. PASCO also successfully organized the Code4u Youth Programming Class, contributing to the cultivation of programming skills of young individuals. The association actively participated in various sports and recreational activities, fostering additional opportunities for networking. Treasurer Hong Wang then presented a financial summary of the current term.

(President Qi Guan’s Summary Report for his presidency)

In accordance with the association’s regulations, Professor Shengli Jin was elected as the new president for the upcoming term. President Shengli Jin outlined the association’s development over the past twelve years and emphasized its role as a vital force and a solid bridge for Sino-Austrian scientific and technological exchange. He pledged to nurture and leverage the exploration spirit, gratitude for the era, open-mindedness toward both Chinese and Austrian cultures, and a sincere love for science, as the main focus for the next three years. PASCO’s slogan, “Gathering Hearts, Converging Wisdom, Never Walking Alone,” reflects its commitment to further solidify its role as a platform for communication and collaboration among Chinese scientists and technologists in Austria.

(President Jin Shengli’s Inaugural Address)

Following this, teams from various departments introduced themselves and presented their plans for future work, details of which will be gradually released on PASCO’s official public platform. The attending members unanimously approved the official renaming of the association from the Promotion Association for Scientific and Technical Cooperation between China and Austria (PASCO) to the Professional Association of Chinese Scientists and Technologists in Austria (PASCO).

The subsequent academic presentations featured Dr. Kailin Tong discussing the development and prospects of autonomous driving motion planning, and Dr. Shiyi Wang showcasing applications of GPT-based artificial intelligence technology in various aspects of daily life and learning. Following their talks, a live panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Xiaoshan Liu, featuring Vienna University’s Professor Chi Zhang and AI business application expert Ting Lian, who shared their experiences and engaged in further discussion with the audience.

(Researcher Kailin Tong ‘s Keynote Presentation)

(Dr. Shiyi Wang ‘s Keynote Presentation)

(ChatGPT Application Discussion)

The event concluded with well-wishes from Mr. Fengyun Lei, former S&T Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Austria, and a congratulatory letter from Mr. Kurt Wallner, the Mayor of Leoben City. The successful conclusion of the 2023 PASCO Annual Meeting marks a vibrant future of PASCO.

(Group Photo of Participants)

(Group Photo of New Executive Team)

PASCO, founded on 25th May 2011 as a non-profit organization in Vienna, Austria, is home to over 200 members and encompasses five academic departments: Life Science and Health, AI and Big Data, Economics and Management, Environment and New Energy, as well as Materials and Resources Engineering. The organization aims to provide a supportive community for Chinese Scientists and Technologists in Austria while fostering communication and collaboration among its members and between Austria and China.

(Text: Junjian Li; Photography: Qiqi He) 

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