Book Presentation in Vienna with “Es Lebe der Sozialismus“ by Lijia Zhang 

Lijia Zhang worked as a teenager in a factory producing missiles designed to reach North America, queuing every month for the “”period police”” to give evidence that she wasn’t pregnant. In the routine of guarded compounds and political meetings, Zhang’s disillusionment with “The Glorious Cause”” drove her to study English, changing her life and career to finally become a world known journalist and writer which has been her dream all the way through. 

Telling a personal story, this memoir is illuminating the sweeping historical forces at work in China after the Cultural Revolution as the country moved from one of stark repressions to a vibrant, capitalist economy. Drachenhaus Verlag has published the German version of this brilliant book (Es Lebe der Sozialismus) and is holding two book presentations (6. And 7. December) for Ms Zhang who will be present in Vienna.

We strongly recommend the book and its presentation in Vienna.

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