Qianxinan in Guizhou, China‘s World-Class Mountain Sports Destination

A look at the landscape of Qianxinan in Guizhou Province, is indeed breath-taking. Located at south-west China, the region has a variety of most fascinating geographic features. Right now, the world is opening the eyes to the region‘s internationally-oriented sports like hiking, cycling, SUV crossing, skating, rafting and fishing.

From the 29th to 30th of October, the 2019 International Mountain Tourism & Outdoor Sports Conference was held in Xingyi, Guizhou Province, an autonomous prefecture where Buyi and Miao minorities live. The conference brought together over 1,200 guests from around 56 countries/regions including Russia, the U.S., the UK, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. How to sustainably develop the mountain tourism and outdoor sports arose hot discussions.

Xingyi is the permanent host city of the Conference. The prefecture is rich in Karst forests, plateau lakes, waterfalls, canyons and other spectacular mountainous landforms, an ideal region for mountain tourism and for such sports like rock climbing and scientific expedition.

Through years of efforts, Qianxinan in Guizhou has become a world-class mountain tourism destination. The region is more and more eye-catching with its international tourism and sports conference, as well as mountain sports festivals like International Mountain Sports Challenge, Asian Mountain Racing Challenge, National Rock Climbing Championship, Mountain Trail Running Open and Motor Rally.

This year‘s conference released the Mountain Tourism Standard System of Qianxinan. The standard system not only marks a milestone in the Chinese history of mountain tourism development, but also sets a benchmark in the world for mountain tourism.

Qianxinan in Guizhou has now the fame of „mountain tourism resort and outdoor sports park“. Ten items of tourism and outdoor sports recreation in there are well-branded, including Wanfeng Forest Hiking Zone, Wanfeng Lake Fishing, Water Sports Zone, Qinglong 24 Curves, Zhenfeng Sancha River, Xingyi Wanfeng Forest and Anlong Limestone Resort. Tens of thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts from home and abroad have been drawn there, enjoying paradise-like fun in the mountains.

In recent years, Qianxinan has achieved significant results in the integrated development of culture, sports and tourism. The local tourism continues to boost. From 2014 to 2018, the number of tourists to Qianxinan surged from around 15 million to over 63 million. Qianxinan’s tourism revenues grow by over 30 percent annually, from around 11billion yuan to almost 51 billion yuan.

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