Overseas Students Enjoying the New Year’s Flavor at Linyi Luozhuang with its Cultural Heritage

Recently, Luozhuang District Committee of Linyi City invited 10 overseas students studying at Linyi University from Guinea, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Russia and other countries to participate in the activity of “Shandong Celebrating the Chinese New Year – Luozhuang Trip with New Year’s Flavor”. The students experienced the unique charm and characteristic of the local culture there with much typical Chinese tradition.

The students visited Miaomiao Paper-cutting Studio and Yimeng Exhibition Center in Luozhuang District, where they dived into the New Year’s atmosphere and enjoyed paper-cutting, ceramics, pottery culture and more.

Existing widely across the country, paper-cutting is a folk art that uses scissors or carving knives to cut and carve patterns on paper. It is to decorate life or to cooperate with other folk activities. Although the techniques are the same, the expressional content has always a strong touch of vivid local characteristics. Born in Yimeng Mountain area, Yimeng paper-cutting uses red paper to create vivid and festive patterns such as window grilles and happy flowers. It is widely spread and loved. In 2016, Yimeng Paper-cutting was listed as the fifth batch of the municipal intangible cultural heritage projects of Linyi City.

Miao Miao is a famous paper-cutting artist. Her paper-cutting techniques are rich and unique. She perfectly combines traditional paper-cutting with modern art design, boldly innovating the techniques by using new materials, expanding artistic themes, thus giving the ancient art form a fresh en vogue flavor.

At the Yimeng Exhibition Center, the international students learned the process of making the delicious Laba Porridge – a delicatessen before the Chinese New Year – and enjoyed a lot at the tasting of this special porridge. They also visited the Ceramic Culture Museum of Yimeng Exhibition Center to appreciate the exquisite porcelain pieces from various ancient dynasties to modern times. 

Yimeng Exhibition Center is located in the “Baoquan Temple”, one of the four ancient temples in Yizhou, Luozhuang District of Linyi City. It covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters and has more than 10,000 exhibits of variety and high values, for instance, the ritual objects from Longshan Culture and daily used objects witnessing the modern social life. The time span of the exhibits are more than 4,000 years. 

“I gained a lot from today’s activities. I learned paper-cutting, Laba porridge making, and Luozhuang ceramic culture. Chinese culture is very charming. I like it very much! I will spread the word to my friends!” Alpha, an African international student said after the trip.  The enchanted participating students would like to continue to learn more about traditional Chinese culture and to invite more friends to better understand China.

“Reading Shandong by Travelling”, a project carried out by Luozhuang District, is demonstrating a true and comprehensive China to international friends. The project aims to promote cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between China and other countries. 


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