“Animal Kingdom” in Linyi: A Big Attraction for this Winter Vacation

Baoshanqian Wildlife Park is a 4,600-mu-sized super “animal kingdom” in Linyi with lakes and mountains around. The entertainment park is a huge attraction in winter, too. As the winter vacation is approaching, many parents are planning the holiday with their children. Baoshanqian Wildlife Park is ready to receive the crowd who will – for sure – be enchanted by the big selection of wild animals and other related programmes, such as “Baoshan Lake Rafting” or “Animal Hunting on the Great Wall”.

One can start the wild journey by sitting on a bubble boat, feeling the wind blowing and observing the sunshine shimmering on the lake. Once near the long “Great Wall”, one can venture to have close contact with zebras and leopards. When lucky, one may get the chance to feed them and experience the true fun of interacting with animals.

In the monkey house, the dexterity of the squirrel monkeys and the naivety of the green baboons offer the visitors big joy. On the “Herbivore Zone Parade”, ostriches and antlered deer run freely on the vast grassland. At “Rare Beast Area Adventure” zone, Siberian tigers, white tigers and African lions are roaming around with their eminent power and dominance.

Meanwhile, the “World of Ice and Snow” has become a highlight of Baoshanqian Wildlife Park in the winter season. Here, the visitors can feel the speed and passion of snow skating and enjoy a variety of exquisite ice sculptures. The “World of Ice and Snow” is a dreamy kingdom of endless fun.

There are many animal shows in the park, such as tiger rolling, bear jumping, or monkey riding. Lions and other animals are also taking turns on the stage. Highly appreciated acrobatic performances are also available for tourists.

Unforgettable moments in the park belong to the “Peacock Garden”, too.  No one will miss the chance to use the mobile phone to capture the spectacular beauty of the peacock when it’s in its full bloom!

A winter paradise, Baoshanqian Wildlife Park is welcoming its visitors now with price discounts. Time to gather friends and family to experience the wild world of fun and adventure.


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