Forum Review on “Protection of Civilians amid Terrorism Prevention”

On 21. April, SINOPRESS held another online forum in cooperation with URBAN FORUM on the topic of “Protection of Civilians amid Terrorism Prevention”.

The panelists include Mag. Marcus Schober (Austrian politician, Director of the Vienna Education Academy, Member of the Vienna State Parliament and City Council),


Prof. Dr. Georg Zanger (Well-known Austrian lawyer, President of ACBA),


Dr. Mag. Nicolas Stockhammer (Security Policy Analyst & Counterterrorism Researcher, Institute for Legal Philosophy, Vienna University)


and Mag. David Kainrath (Political scientist, Expert for the European affairs).


Mag. Bernhard Müller from URBAN FORUM


and Mag. Helena Chang from SINOPRESS co-moderated the event.

The lively, insightful and open-minded discussions ranged from anti-terrorism campaigns to the rights of the innocent civilians in the conflict countries/regions, from the broad-framed anti-terrorism laws and measures to the recourse concerning the indigenous peoples such as Native Americans and Native Australians, from racial discrimination or personal contempt in the foreign military troops to the war crimes committed by the Australian troops, from the terror acts in Europe with not cleared-up motives by the perpetrators to the intricacy of civilians’ protection, from the coordination of international organizations to geopolitics, from the social and economic damages to the new challenges to security amid COVID-19 pandemic, etc..

If there is a bright future concerning the protection of civilians in the fight against terrorism, remains to be further discussed.

We’d like to share a short clip from the online discussion with you. The moderator mentioned the numerous cases of civilian injuries or deaths in the fight against terrorism, e.g., in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and other anti-terrorist battlefields. When asked about the last year’s killing of civilians by the Australian troops in Afghanistan, Prof. Dr. Georg Zanger offered the following answer:

Dr. Zanger on Crimes done by Military Troops



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