Online Forum “Protection of Civilians amid Terrorism Prevention”

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After the first successful forum cooperation between SINOPRESS and URBAN FORUM in March on the topic of “Terror Attack, Security and Human Rights”, we are proud to announce our next forum on 21. April with the topic of “Protection of Civilians amid Terrorism Prevention”.

The required ongoing anti-terrorist campaign worldwide is drawing more and more attention to the safety of the civilians in the conflicting countries or regions. The intricacy and delicacy amid terrorism prevention has been causing complications in protecting the rights and the safety of the innocent civilians. The COVID-19 pandemic is only adding insult to injury. What has happened and is happening to terrorism and anti-terrorism? How to optimize the protection of civilians amid terrorism prevention? Our panelists will share their expertise and opinions on the related issues on the upcoming forum.

Time: 10am – 11.30am CET

Venue: Zoom Conference


Meeting-ID: 985 1013 0332

Passcode: 6mV6UE


  1. Marcus Schober (Austrian politician, Director of the Vienna Education Academy, Member of the Vienna State Parliament and City Council)
  2. Dr. Georg Zanger (Well-known Austrian lawyer, President of ACBA)
  3. Mag. Nicolas Stockhammer (Security Policy Analyst & Counterterrorism Researcher, Institute for Legal Philosophy, Vienna University)
  4. David Kainrath (Political scientist, Expert for the European affairs)

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