Anticipating the Global Elite Recruitment Conference in Ouhai, China

On March 29, 2020, a global elite recruitment conference in Ouhai District, Zhejiang Province of China will be broadcasted live by Wenzhou TV Station. By clicking this link  rtmp:// , you will be able to watch the vidoes of Ouhai City Image (in Chinese and English) as well as Introduction of 35 Ouhai Talent New Measures (in Chinese and English) on that very day.

The press conference will also introduce the “Longji Project” of high-level overseas talents, broadcast congratulatory videos of the ambassadors for recruiting talents in Germany, the United States and Japan, release “capital recruiting” activities, sign a batch of on-site head investment institutions, release the second “Longji Cup” Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, talk about the high-quality realized projects from the first contest, announce a leading science and technology project, and introduce the innovation and entrepreneurship platforms in Ouhai District.

The launching ceremony will be held after the speeches by the guests and the key district leaders.

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