On Asset Tokenization with Mr. Frankl, LGP


Associated with blockchain technology, tokenization has become a hot topic around the world now. There is seemingly a tendency that everything is being considered tokenized, esp.  assets with economic value such as real estate properties, luxury items, stocks, gold or fine art. What is asset tokenization? What’s the difference between tokens and cryptocurrency? What is the driver for the token market?  Does tokenization bring up potential legal issues? Is there a connection between asset tokenization and IoT? When governments try to adjust to new technologies, introducing corresponding regulatory framework, do law firms see new business chances or more of challenges ahead? What’s happening with ITO in Europe? As one of the largest internationally oriented law firms in Central Europe, how does LGP position itself in the awake of digitalization and tokenization of the human world? A talk with Mr. Ronald Frankl from LGP sheds light on these questions…

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