That Other Dimension

The night comes, boosting my creativity. The night, the dream, the fever.

Doors to undiscovered worlds open up. Arms reach out, arms of darkness, of light, arms that grasp my eyes and my head, forcing me into another dimension. 
I have no control of it. There, I do not harm anyone, and do not get harmed.

In that other dimension, however, everything seems as usual, real. The sounds of cars passing by, as frequently as the cries of the pitch-black crows. The clock is ticking, as regularly as planes flying across the sky. It is still the usual world with its usual sounds and usual smells.

Yet, it is a DREAM!

I wake up. Sweat is dripping off my forehead. I turn in my bed. When I close my eyes, another door appears, more arms reach out towards me, dragging me into yet another world, another dimension, another dream…

Everything there is different. The sky is purple. White clouds decorate it in unnatural patterns. Outside the window, a large grass field shines into my eyes. The green is poisonously bright. 
People are walking in and out of the room. Every face seems known, every movement familiar, but it is hard to determine who is who.

My imagination jumps in excitement. Hey! Why does that guy walk two steps ahead and one step back? Why does that girl sing without stopping to take a breath? Why does that vase turn into a dog who sits and waits in patience?

The already frantic atmosphere escalates into a brightly cracking firework. Clowns smile, superheroes fly, robots serve, children scream, teachers chant, musicians debate. Time shifts. It is as if all eras intertwine, all cultures mix, all people melt. And what is left is one single giant beam of light, illuminating my eyes, my face, the room, the house, the air and galaxy. 

At that moment, every movement looks cool, logical, precise and recognizable, every face, every sound and every smell, too. Only, I become invisible!

And at the same time, the giant beam of light turns into a mirror in which I finally see myself. My smile is crooked and blurry, as if I am melting into the mirror, as if I’m merely a part of the mirror.

I start to smile, relaxed and happily.

I feel everyone is me and I am everyone. My imagination is me myself. It defines me. Others define me, be it people, objects or cultures. The entire world, past, present and future, here and there, down and above, is thus connected to one another. Without it, the world falls apart, its beam of light dimming, soft and warm no more. 

It is a dreamy night, a feverish dream. It is the other dimension. How I feel happy and worriless there! For life is a beam of light, reflecting a crooked smile and a state of coexisting, happy, real and worriless.

There, the world is harmonious and selfless, cheerful and colorful. There, everything is helping everything. There, happiness is taken for granted, forever.

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