Experiencing the Poesy of Linyin Landscape

Spring in Linyin is poesy. Walking on the bluestone pavement of Yishui Rainbow District, caressed by the spring breeze blows, one feels relaxed and happy. The attic houses with wooden pillars and blue tiles are along the river backed by the snow-capped mountains. There is a peculiar tranquility lengthening from ancient era all the way through to today’s time. 

Since the beginning of this year, Yishui County has vigorously implemented the project of “Cultural Tourism and Revitalizing the County”, giving full play to its own advantages. With business integrating into the tourism projects, the county is constantly innovating concepts, creating new tourism formats to transform and upgrade the tourism industry. Quality and efficiency are increasing, accumulating new momentum and injecting new vitality into the business. The high-quality tourism focuses on creating “a city in heaven, a rainbow on earth, and an underground beauty like wonderland”.

The Rainbow Scenic Area was jointly funded and constructed by three companies, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan. It creates an open to be experienced small town with the theme of traditional folk culture, integrating food culture, B&B lodging, specialty shopping and the show of the folk customs. Tourists here feel like travelling through history by experiencing past and present.  The concept is another shining pearl of Shandong Hospitality.

Every house, every brick, every shop shows the work of mastery craftsmanship. Yishui Rainbow District never sleeps. It has the pulse around the clock, displaying all the possible trendy activities as well as the traditional folk performances. A lot of social media stars are on the show, forming a celebrity matrix like performance all day long. The night of Rainbow District is a visual paradise, displaying trendy colors to enhance the landscape with local history and culture around. Many trendy entertainment areas with diversity are thus created, such as Fengniaolaiyi, Shumei River, Songlou Dance Pavilion, and Xingge Terrace. The Rainbow District is like a painted landscape with splashes of ink and brilliant lights on the vast land. Once there, you don’t want to leave. 

Through marketing innovation in recent years, Yishui County has promoted the “in-depth” cultural tourism including sightseeing in rural areas with folk art which focuses on ecological concept and more. The county has currently built 43 tourist attractions from 2A class to the top 5A class. There are already four 4A-class tourist attractions. The steady and long-term development of the “Cultural Tourism in the Lively County” guarantees high-quality resources and creative products, attracting visitors from near and afar. 

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