“Human Rights in Afghanistan” Organization Held its First Online Event


On 20. October, the newly established organization “Human Rights in Afghanistan” with the objectives of knowing and investigating the human rights situation in Afghanistan, studying the causes and seeking solutions, informing and connecting with the Afghan population to learn about their situation, held their first online event.

The event was attended by more than 70 participants around the world. The two-hour long discussion with five speakers followed by some questions of the listeners concentrated on such topic as the general situation of human rights today, political decisions and how they affect civilian populations, the military presence in Afghanistan in the last 20 years, human rights violations in Afghanistan: past, present and future, and the situations in Afghanistan plus its consequences in the field of international relations.

Noticeable was the standing point of some speakers, who made it clear that in the past time, many media publications concerning the Afghanistan issues were ignorant, either incomplete or manipulated.

The five speakers for the event were Fernando Moragón Meseguer, also President Human Rights in Afghanistan Organization, Jacques Cheminade, decade-long civil administrator of the Directorate of Foreign Economic Relations (DREE) of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, French commercial attaché in New York, Founder of the political party Solidarity and Progress in France, Felipe Debassa, professor of Contemporary History and the Present World at the Rey Juan Carlos University, Alejandro Requeijo, journalist at El Confidencial Digital, specialized in security and terrorism issues, and Marcelo Muñoz, specialist in global economy and civilizations.

Marcelo Muñoz was also President of the China Chair, Dean of Spanish entrepreneurs in China. Having had 40 years of experience in China as a businessman, lecturer and political scientist, he authored the books of «The Chinese Enigma», «China 2050» and of numerous articles on the Chinese reality in different publications. Attaining a viewpoint beyond the Western realm, he had an insightful look at the overall situation of the human world. Giving some heavy words to the listeners, he condemned the 20-year-long US stay at Afghanistan, which brought nothing more than destructions and atrocities. He believed in a future for the Afghans supported by mutual dialogues and economically supportive projects with other countries.

The French-Argentinian politician Jacques Cheminade made it clear in his speech that the human rights include the rights to eat and to have a home. The 20-year-long Western power in Afghanistan has but deprived the Afghans of these basic rights. He stated that the rights of the women in Afghanistan are also not changed, except in the few big cities. Now that 42% of the whole Afghan population are suffering from hunger, the Afghan currency is facing collapse (The Western power, i.g. the US, blocked all the investments of 9.5 billion Dollars belonging to the Afghanistan Central Bank assets and stopped shipments of cash to the nation), the occupation is not just a physical one with armed troops anymore, but also a financial and neo-colonial case. This is the reality in Afghanistan. The challenge is, therefore, how to free Afghanistan from the geo-political games and put it back into the stringboard of international cooperation.

Jacques Cheminade stressed that while Afghanistan is already part of several economical organizations in east Asia, nothing has been done in the West except a few million Dollars as donation which is nothing against the 9.5 billion Dollars freeze. The big question faced by the Western part of the world is, therefore, despite of Taliban, what should be done for the Afghan people. Here he pointed out the utmost importance of infrastructure. The most urgent thing is but how to help the Afghans to survive the approaching winter season. In any event, it’s time that the Western world take care of the consequences of what they have done in Afghanistan, he stressed.









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