UN Secretary-General’s Message on 75th Anniversary of UN Charter

Today we face a global pandemic.


Worldwide, people rightly raise their voices against racism.


Confronting problems is a start. But we also have to solve them.


We have a timeless guide to tackle our shared challenges and fix the world’s fragilities.


That guide is the United Nations Charter.


The Charter was signed 75 years ago – and its principles ring just as true today.


Faith in fundamental human rights.


The equal rights of men and women.


The dignity and worth of every person.


International law and the peaceful settlement of disputes.


Better standards of life in larger freedom.


These enduring values will carry us to a new future.


A future where we stop harming the natural environment – and start tackling climate change.


Where we reject bigotry – and celebrate the richness of human diversity.


Where young people lead – in the streets, in their schools, in society.


The United Nations was founded before threats like cybercrime and online hate speech emerged.


But our Charter shows how to rise to these challenges, too.


Let us realize this vision of peace, human rights and justice for everyone.


By joining together:


With humanity.


With unity.


With each other.


Thank you.

June 26. 2020


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