Linyi Launched 2024 Shandong New Year’s Rural Culture Tourism Festival 

As the Chinese Spring Festival is approaching, Linyi recently launched the 2024 New Year’s Shandong Rural Culture Tourism Festival. With Shuiyu Tianyuan in Pingyi County as its center, the ceremonial event was held simultaneously in all the districts and counties of Linyi City. 

Quite a few related organizations in Linyi hosted the event, including the City Marketing Department, the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, and the Municipal Radio and Television Station. Shandong’s handmade arts as intangible cultural heritage are on display during the festival. New Year’s goods fair is to be seen, like the eye-catching local agricultural products. There is the so-called “Yimeng Volunteer for Linyi Love” service fair, and the folk-art performance “Yimeng’s Old Village Chief is Here”.  New Year’s flavor is attracting a lot of visitors.

The 2024 Shandong New Year’s Rural Culture Tourism Festival proposed the theme of “every household hangs red lights and posts spring festival couplets, and every village promotes a good performance – Let’s go back to celebrate the New Year!”  The folks of Yimeng are carrying out a wide range of activities embedded with tradition and customs. Five stages are set up: “Joyful Linyi”, “Yizhou’s New Year Taste”, “Praying for Mengshan”, “Lighting Lanshan” and “Qingshan’s Hope”. More than 200 activities are to be held to promote the local rural culture, to showcase the rural beauty, and to vitalize the rural lifestyle.

With great perspectives, the 2024 Shandong New Year’s Rural Culture Tourism Festival is hoping for the inheritance and the revival of the rural folk culture, to enrich the local life and to stimulate the consumption potentials, too. Furthermore, the City image of Linyi with its successful economic and social development will be recognized by more folks near and far.


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