“Upward Shandong” Promotion Event Radiating with its Products 

“Intelligent manufacturing in Shandong is amazing!” “Hard-cored techs are unfolding!” “It’s refreshing!” “Shandong is opening up and going upward!” On 10. November, the “Modern Manufacturing” exhibition area is welcoming guests who can’t help praising Shandong. It is the 2023 Beijing Promotion Event for the “Hospitable Shandong and Good Shandong Products”. The audience is being fascinated by the speech about the operation of China’s first engineering ship for maritime satellite launch.

Meanwhile, stepping into the ” Qilu Model of Rural Revitalization” exhibition zone for high-quality agricultural specialties, one is impressed by the huge screen of the Pingyin Big Data Center for Rose Industry, which records and monitors the unit price and transaction weight of each flower in real time.

In recent years, Shandong has vigorously promoted the integration of digital, informatization, and intelligent technologies with agricultural and rural development, making the traditional agriculture more and more “smart”.

The promotion events also offer other surprises. Facing the vast blue sea by sitting on the “yacht” to experience the sea waves, or quietly enjoying the “lights” in the Chaoran Building to be surrounded by the sound of spring and lake… The “Hospitable Shandong” exhibition zone for exquisite culture tourism is equipped with the help of VR, AR and other digital means, allowing the audience to experience an immersive, multi-dimensional and in-depth moment, truly in the sense of “changing scenery with each move you make”.

“Luban Lock”, so popular that it was taken to the space by the United Nations, appeared in the “Good Products and Beautiful Things” exhibition area. “Luban Lock may seem simple, but it embodies extraordinary wisdom,” said Li Hao, founder of Tengzhou Luban Tiangong Woodcraft Co., Ltd. He is also an important inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage “Luban Lock” which is a representative of “Handmade in Shandong”.  Every handmade piece in Shandong is inseparable from the inheritance of craftsmanship and involves the efforts of many generations.

“Good products for life” are eye-catching. In the zone of “Good Products and Beautiful Things”, there are Zhanhua winter dates, Changyu wine, Weixian radish, Rushan oysters, etc. But “Good products for life” are more than good food. There are “smart products” such as intelligent printing equipment and robots. The promotion event has a full range of “Shandong choices”. Visitors can scan the QR code to place orders for their favorite products through “Haopin Shandong” which are in cooperation with Lepai Mall and Qilu Agri-products Supermarket during the event.

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