The Fascinating Art of Paper Cutting in Feixian County

As a traditional folk craft of the Han people, the paper cutting art has a long history and is still thriving today. The artform is not only considered as a gem of the Chinese folk art, but also a cherished treasure in the art collection worldwide. 

Sun Xiaodong, a retired senior teacher from Feixian No.1 Middle School, is a representative figure of this heritage. He uses the images of plants and animals from real life for his art, creating vivid scenes by cutting paper. Depicting the local customs and traditions, he deepened the symbolic meanings by reflecting the human aspirations for a better life. His paper cutting is rich in content and profound in implications. With diverse styles, Mr. Sun’s works cover a wide range of subjects, including characters from traditional operas, birds, insects, fish, animals, and scenes of rural life. Love for life, pursuit of truth, yearning for goodness and beauty… All can be seen through his works.

Sun Xiaodong’s paper cutting works have been showcased in large-scale calligraphy and painting exhibitions at the county and Linyi City. Many of his works have been collected by the government’s cultural departments. The process of paper cutting works, however, is complex, requiring high-level skills as well as artistic understanding. To include it in the list of intangible cultural heritage is to protect it better. Feixian Paper Cutting enjoys the status of the intangible cultural heritages in Linyi City. It is a fascinating world created by paper and knife.

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