Mid-Autumn Festival: 2023 Austrian Chinese Evening Gala Successfully Held in Vienna

2023 Austrian Chinese Evening Gala for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day was successfully held on September 27th. Co-organized by the Austrian Overseas Chinese Retirement Association and the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center, the evening gala took place in the brand-new and well-equipped VHS auditorium located in the 22nd district of Vienna. The auditorium was decorated in a festive way around the time. At the main entrance, six red lanterns were hung up and attracted much admiration.

More than 300 guests arrived for the performance, who were warmly received by Dr. Qian Faqiang and Dr. Chen Shangwei – respectively the present and previous president of the Austrian Overseas Chinese Retired Association, the Venerable Shi Yanliang of the Austrian Shaolin Cultural Center, as well as 8 emcees and the protocol receptionists from Shaolin Temple.

Dancing to the audience, red and yellow lions opened the performance. The welcome speech was held by Dr. Qian Faqiang, the Venerable Shi Yanliang, Yu Feng (Counselor at the Chinese Embassy), Henrike Brandstötter (Member of the Austrian National Council), and Ernst Nevriry (President of the 22. District in Vienna). The Abbot of Shaolin Temple in China, Mr. Shi Yongxin, sent a message by video from China, giving blessings to the overseas Chinese in Austria.

Honored guests from different Chinese associations in Austria and the local celebrities attended the gala.

The colorful program of the evening included the traditional dance to the theme of rice-planting “Flying Fan”, plus “Today is a Good Day” and “I Love You, Motherland”. There was poetry recitation “Looking Up at China”, and Guzheng playing “Shaolin Shaolin ” accompanied by Shaolin Sword performance. The diversity of the gala evening extended to the waltz dance “Autumn Colors”, the Yue Opera “Wandering in the Forest”, the Tai Chi performance “52-Movements with Fan”, the Cheongsam show “Green Mountain Scene under the Full Moon” and the Shaolin Zen-styled show. 

The evening gala closed the curtain in the joyful mood of a big chorus singing “I Love You, China”. 


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