Austrian Politician Optimistic about Chinese Medicine Market

Austrian politician Dr. Peter Wittmann plans to establish a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) center to offer traditional Chinese medical therapies and herbal treatments to the Austrian public.

Dr. Wittmann stated that TCM has a history of several thousand years and a rich theoretical system in China. By opening a TCM center, Austria can learn from the experience and wisdom of Chinese medical culture, and provide more economical, comprehensive, and diverse medical services for local people. In addition, with the global development and application of TCM, there will also be a wider market demand and commercial value for TCM in Austria.

Establishing a TCM center can not only enrich Austria’s medical resources but also deepen cooperation between China and Austria in the medical field. TCM is widely used in China for disease treatment and healthcare, and its efficacy and treatment methods differ from Western medicine but have unique advantages and indications. The TCM center can cooperate with Austrian medical institutions and professionals to jointly research and explore the adaptability and application value of TCM in Austria, promoting the promotion and popularization of TCM in Austria.

In terms of culture, TCM culture is also an important link for China and Austria to strengthen cultural exchanges. As an important part of Chinese traditional culture, TCM culture has a profound history and cultural connotation. In Austria, TCM culture has been widely recognized and welcomed, and the establishment of the TCM center will further promote the spread and promotion of TCM culture in Austria. Through the exchange and dissemination of TCM culture, China and Austria can deepen mutual understanding and friendship, promote cultural exchanges and interactions between the people of the two countries.

Dr. Peter Wittmann pointed out that besides traditional Chinese medicine culture, Austria and China have extensive cooperation opportunities in trade, tourism, culture, technology, and politics. For example, in the tourism sector, China has become one of Austria’s important sources of tourists. Austria is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe for Chinese tourists. After the pandemic, with the increasing demand for international tourism by Chinese people, the importance of Chinese tourists to Austria’s tourism industry will continue to increase.

As the second-largest economy globally, China is Austria’s largest trading partner in Asia. China’s economic growth is significant to Austria. As a friendly country and an important trading partner of Austria, China can provide significant support and opportunities for Austria’s economic development. With the continuous expansion of the Chinese market demand, Austria can enhance its economic strength and competitiveness by strengthening its economic and trade cooperation with China and expanding export markets.

Furthermore, Dr. Peter Wittmann also stated that in recent years, China has played a significant role in international affairs. China actively participates in the construction of the global governance system and promotes world peace and development through cooperation with the international community. China has made positive contributions to global issues such as climate change and counter-terrorism. Austria can work hand in hand with China to play a more important role in international affairs and contribute more to world peace, stability, and development.

Finally, Dr. Peter Wittmann expressed his confidence in the future cooperation between China and Austria. He believes that the cooperation between the two countries in the fields of economy, culture, technology, and education will become closer and more in-depth, bringing more benefits and opportunities to the people of both countries. The establishment of the traditional Chinese medicine center is just a microcosm of Sino-Austrian cooperation. He hopes that more Austrians will understand and get in touch with China in the future, learn about Chinese culture, and enhance friendship and trust between the two peoples.

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