Announcement of Online Forum on “Human Security in the Post-Pandemic Digital Era”

We are proud to announce the upcoming forum on Monday, 20. February 2023 on the topic of „ Human Security in the Post-Pandemic Digital Era”, an event co-organized by URBAN FORUM and SINOPRESS.


Venue: ZOOM Conference  (Meeting ID: 841 4008 5397  Passcode: 167079)

Time: 7.30pm -9.00pm, 20. Feb. 2023 CET


Moderator: David Kainrath, BSc, MSc


Urban Forum is a non-profit association in Austria with the objective of enhancing the meaning of urban, municipal local affairs. It is about raising the awareness of the strength of city economy, promotion of the idea of regional and cooperative thinking, support of public economy and public enterprise (services for the public, sustainability etc.), contributing a modern administrative reform and all with the emphasis on the values of the European Union. (

SINOPRESS is an independent media outlet based in Vienna dedicated to the free expression of cultural and social opinions east and west. It is a non-profit entity and self-supportive by honorable work of devotion and communal donations. (


As this year’s Munich Security Conference (MSC) is approaching, the world is expecting an assembly of   senior decision-makers as well as experts from around the world to discuss the various pressing issues of international security policy. The war in Ukraine is served as a trigger to rethink of human security in the post-Pandemic world, while cyber security in the digitalized world is by no means to be ignored. Again, questions like the so-called rule-based international order will be at the center of the discussions in Munich.

The MSC claims to be committed to diversity and sustainability in all forms and is willing to be measured against its very ambitious goals. With the Munich Rule “Engage and interact with each other: Don’t lecture or ignore one another” as the basis of discussion principle, the conference is supposed to anticipate open questions and interactive discussions on and off the stage.

At the backdrop of this year’s MSC, our online forum aims at a related/extended discussion of security issues, including international cooperation in the post-Pandemic concerning data protection, AI vs human rights, digital security and economic development, use of malware, deepfakes and misinformation, and more.

Issues to be discussed include:

  1. International cooperation concerning data protection and human security
  2. Human security in the post-Pandemic digital era
  3. Consequences of governmental use of malware as well as deepfakes
  4. Observation of human security during the Pandemic time under the respective measures and policies ( the EU, the USA and China) – pros and cons
  5. The future of globalization in the digital era and the world economic development


  1. Eva Sobotka: Human Rights Expert, EU Agency for Fundamental Rights
  2. iur. Constantin Weinstabl: Director of the Academy of Foreign Policies BSA
  3. Anat Hochberg-Maron: International Geo-Politics Analyst, Israel
  4. Robert Fitzthum: Economist, Author of the book “China Verstehen”
  5. Michael Weilguny: IT Specialist/Digital Expert, Head of Sales of Evolit Consulting GmbH


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